About Remote Work Café

Remote Work Café is the place where you can find a suitable Café to bring your laptop and stay to work there for the day.

We are a remote-first company. Depending on the day we might be working from our office, our homes or a café — especially if we choose to stay in a beautiful island for the summer. Finding a café suitable for work is struggling though. While there might be cafés close to you, they might not have high quality internet connection, natural lightning, wheelchair accessibility, sufficient space etc. The only way to find the right place is trial and error. It doesn't have to be that way though.

That's why we built Remote Work Café — a curated place exclusively with cafés that are great to bring your laptop and work. It contains the cafés that we, the people at LOGIC, have worked or continue to work. We have started adding our favourite ones in our country, Greece, and will continue with more we enjoyed from all around the planet; from San Francisco, to New York, London, Hanoi and more.

Next, we plan to explore some novel ideas to help everyone find the appropriate café for them and do great work there with less stress and uncertainty. We are exploring ideas like guaranteed internet speed, reserved spots, employer participation and more. We can't wait to see these ideas coming to life.

If you do have any thoughts to share about Remote Work Café, or a comment, question, good or bad experience with a café listed here, feel free to reach out at hey@remotework.cafe. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks a lot for reading this folks. Now, it's time to explore the next café to work from at remotework.cafe.